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Recognition & Support

Xworks is built by traders for traders because we saw that WhatsApp sucked for trading. This is why we built Xworks to replace WhatsApp making it easily accessible, with added benefits like: Compliance in line with the latest regulations. Quickly and easily list your commodities commission free for instant attention from the worlds most reputable traders. We help you accelerate trusted relationship building and drive high standards of business ethics to protect your reputation.

Xworks platform allows trading professionals to quickly and conveniently increase their revenues through our listing & chatting one stop shop. If you have a new contact and you are not sure, push them through Xworks.

For Traders

We understand that this industry can be tough and can attract bad actors that ruin it for all of us. We built Xworks for you, the waste and recycling commodity trader because we experienced first hand the downside this industry has. We want you to be successful with every trade, eliminate fraud, reduce claims, get access to a wider market, and network with trusted professionals. Our reputation and trust can make or break us, why leave that in the hands of unknown players. All of this and commission free trading!

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We are streamlining the fragmented landscape of waste and recycling trading

And we are doing it by using technology to analyze data and influence decisions

Secure Chat

WhatsApp replacement style chats with added benefits to protect and enhance your sales experience

Law & environmentally compliant

All listings and transactions are checked and qualified to ensure they are compliant in line with the latest regulations

Validated users

All members are verified to ensure they are real, making communication transparent

Materials Exchange

Generate new opportunities, access trusted markets and win successful commission free trades

“Xworks will change the traditional way of doing business in the trading industry. For me closing a deal is lengthy and time consuming, but what Xworks is offering is unique and simplifies the entire process. It saves my time and money.”