CEO of Xworks, Electra, presenting on an exclusive circularity and sustainability panel in Helsinki May 29th

Hosted by, MIXI, Business Helsinki, Helsinki Uusimaa Circular Valley

Expert Panel Circularity and Innovation

Circular business models are imperative for developing sustainable solutions and a resilient economy in today’s world. Incorporating circular economy principles not only benefits the environment and society but also has the potential to unlock approximately €1.8 trillion in economic growth by 2030.

Finland has emerged as a leader in sustainable business practices, with the distinction of being the first nation to develop a national roadmap towards a circular economy. The City of Helsinki has also taken the initiative to follow in Finland’s footsteps. We are excited to share our knowledge and discuss sustainable business prospects in Helsinki and beyond.

If you would like to attend you can sign up here Helsinki Museum of Technology to connect with likeminded individuals who are actively driving the transition towards a sustainable future, including investors, startups, ecosystem leaders, and industry experts. This exclusive panel is only taking place in May in conjunction with Artic15